Saturday, April 13, 2013

Love is about what you feel

Hello everyone! rindu nak karang entry. now i'm back ;)

OK, today nk share skit, about LOVE.

Love is about how you feel. how you create the feeling. without push, the feeling come by itself. Yes, love is so pure. How and when we can notice that we fall in love with someone? Easy. this is happened to me lately. Here some hint :

  1. When you care to somebody
  2. When you feel lost if he/she is not around
  3. When you miss the moment with her/him
  4. You feel jealous when someone approach him/her
  5. You feel sad if he/she ignore you
  6. You want him/her always stay beside you no matter what happened
  7. Always peek/look at him/her
  8. Eyes contact with him/her look so weird
  9. You feel happy/enjoy when he/she beside you
  10. Always thinking about him/her 24/7

Trust me. This is happened to me. i ask myself. did i ready enough to open my heart again to someone after Mr. JY? And finally my heart answer "Yes". I take time to reveal my true feeling to him. i thought i just like him. but not. i do love him. love him more ;) 

But seriously, at first tu takut sangat. takut sgt nk buka balik hati ni untuk org lain. takut akan dikecewakan sekali lg. cukup la kesakitan keperitan kesedihan yg eqa lalui selama ini. memang xnk repeat dh byk kali. tp my mum trust him more. my mum said he can take care of me more than Mr.JY. and i trust my mum and him. 

If this is my fate, i accept. i hv gone through many things, difficulties and pain. Please, i hope he is the correct one. ;) 

To my    
I love you, love you more  
I trust you, trust you more  
I care of you, care you more  
I miss you, miss you more  

To Kim Jonghyun,  
Also, love you. but love him more now. ;) 

Dear Mr.JY,   
Yes. you ask me to find another guy. now i found. it take 3 1/2 year to find and replace u in my heart.   hope you are satisfy with this news. sorry for keeping you in my heart for so long. :"(   

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