Friday, May 10, 2013

Surat dari Hati untuk Buah Hati

To my love, forever love, Kim Jeng ;)

I didnt expect we go this far. ya lah, we working under one roof, always fighting, gossiping toward each other, who expect from friend we turn into lover? everyone got heart attack lo. But as u always said before, this is what we called JODOH. Jodoh itu hak Allah. Betul kan? so this is the result ;)

We working under one roof, who knows? finally we fall in love. So beautiful~~

You always ask me, why i choose you, why i accept you. so i give you the easiest answer in the world. because I LOVE YOU lah. kan?

Seriously, i agak memilih dalam memilih pasangan. sebab itu i mengambil masa lebih kurang bertahun lamanya untuk memilih pasangan yang betul-betul boleh jaga hati i ni. okay, finally i found. and the lucky person is you. bangga x? bangga x? :P

Oklah, bukan harta benda yg i cari, bukan paras rupa yg i idam, bukan kekayaaan dan kemewahan yg i kejar. tp KETULUSAN dan KEIKHLASAN hati yg i nanti. yes, you are the right person thats why i choose you meh. I tahu, you bole jg i, i tahu you bole syg i sepertimana i syg u, i tahu you bole protect i sepertimana my parent protect i sampai sekarang. so, Once i agreed. its mean, i am so serious in our relationship.

Yes, maybe i cant be the best, but i'm trying to be good to you. Nobody perfect kan? so do i. kita terima kelemahan masing-masing dan cuba perbaiki mana-mana kekurangan yg ada. boleh? 

Tapi kan. ada satu ni, you KUAT cemburu kot. yes. you lahir januari kan? same here. i pun januari jugak. so i paham sangat la perangai you yg kuat cemburu tu. JONGHYUN. yes. itu isu besar sekarang. i'm trying to forget him.. eh no. i'm trying to put him away from my side, but its take time dear. hope you can understand. but please. trust me okay? 

Muka macho but seriously, black suit him well. 

And last but not least, please trust me. trust our relationship. i dont want any small thing effect and ruin our love. always stay positive ya. put away negative thinking. very excited waiting for 'that day' to come. almost 3 bulan lebih je lg. hope everything going to be smooth. this is my final decision. And i always trust my heart. you are my MR. RIGHT, dear Kim Jeng!

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