Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I am Going Crazy but I Love You Deep Much

Relationship, it is not so easy as we could imagine. fighting, loving, missing are the basic factors in one relationship. who dare to said that relationship is clean without fighting? so wrong. fighting again each other is so dangerous if and only if we unable to control from happened.

I am having mental breakdown right now. i turn my left, right, front and also back,,, the only feeling i can feel is I AM GOING CRAZY.. i do love him.. but how can we turn like this for every week. why? i am sooooo tired being like this. please don't treat me like this. what is so important right now is HOW DEEP I LOVE YOU. dont you ever to ruin the fact that I LOVE YOU DEEP MUCH

What make me so upset is the way you not satisfy on something.. when i do mistake without notice, you will turn into silent. you silent your heart, silent your mood and so on.. when i ask u, "what is wrong with you? Do i make any mistake without my notice?" then you straightly reply "nothing" "no" "hmm" "give me time".. do you know how i feel dear? i feel like I AM GOING CRAZY.

But what can i do,, my love for you is so deep.. DEEP MUCH. i could said that i will let it go and happened without my care. this is the best. Do everything you think is GOOD. i just follow. and i am so sorry for any mistake either with notice or without my notice

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