Thursday, July 25, 2013


ARghh !! xtaw mcm mne eqa nk express my feeling right now. All my files were corrupt !! mcm mana eqa nk buat keje lepas ni sbb semua file, document penting habis x boleh bukak semua. huhuhu mcm mne ni. Totally lost. i am totally lost !!!

It happened when by boyfie texting me..

You guys can imagine hows my feeling??! Upsad, angry, lost, sad, afraid. one thing that across my mind after read the text was should i resign early? Totally my bos will scold me and lost his trust on me. what should i do after this happened??? 

Yesterday i can predict this going to be happened. Yes. My mistake coz i didnt do backup.  I am totally lost !!!!!!!

I know im bad. Too bad. Bad luck! 


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