Sunday, June 12, 2011

Miss my Oppa! try speak in english :)


Oh! i missing something in my heart right now. what happened actually? am i become confuse in my own life? or i just pretend that there are no one care of me! Ouch!

i'm guessing and asking myself whether i'm really miss my oppa or i just pretending? ! the correct answer is i miss my oppa~

oppa, miss you so much!!

Do i sincerely miss my oppa or i just said so? dunno!! dunno what is exactly happened to me!!

ok! finally i will be honest..i swear that i miss my oppa so much. miss that guy so much!! almost kill me! but i cannot let that feeling come across in my heart..DAMN! why i keep always missing you dude?!

oppa~ i miss you so much!!

Saranghae MC Mong Oppa~~~~

you look so cool oppa~

you look so great oppa~

To be honest i really miss someone who look like my MC Mong oppa~ that person i just mention as Mr.LJY :'(

"my english is not so bad as u think"
"Always practicing write & speak in english"
"You will feel much better compare that You not even try it"

Mc Mong Oppa, i love you so much! :)

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